Seeing Old Friends in Phoenix

I always find it a nice surprise to run on to work I made years ago in friends or relative’s homes when I am out and about.  It’s kind of like seeing your kids long after they have moved out of the house and finding that they’re doing o.k.  There also is a surreal element of, “Oh, I did make that,” and “Huh, well, that’s pretty good.”

"An Early Winter" Tim Timmerman, oil on linen panel & assemblage, June 1996 (this piece did have a ceramic bird sitting up on the upper left, it appears it has flown away.)

My brother and sister-in-law have recently acquired two painting /assemblages that my parents use to own.  I helped my brother Nate install them while here this Christmas.  It was fun to see them again (well, and of course my brother and sister-in law).

“An Early Winter” depicts a doll I had as a baby in a snowy landscape  (taken from images from Pullman Washington when I was in graduate school).  “Bless This House”  is the first depiction I did of a figure that is familiar within my work (see blog posts for September 8th and 15th of 2009).  Both are painted on old fabric calendars, a technique I was exploring at the time of painting on old linens.

"Bless This House" Tim Timmerman, oil on linen panel; assemblage; February 1998

While one deals with working through past issues, the other was about looking to the future and engaging life as an artist.  Kind of interesting to see these book-ends of sorts of where I was artistically and emotionally in the mid to late nineties.

Hope you enjoy them.

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