Three Little Printmakers

ART WERGER, Mezzotint, EARLY THAW, 1996, 10 1/4 BY 13 3/4, Edition of 75

While in Los Angeles I visited my old place of employment, the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall park- they had a really nice printmaking show up with a diverse number of works and artists. There were three that I took note of.

Art Werger’s work was a mezzotint.  Mezzotints are a type of intalio printmaking where the artist works from a metal plate. The plate is scored with marks with an item called a “rocker” – from there the artist burnishes the plate creating all the white areas in the final image.  So the method is reverse of what you may typically think (you are working from a dark image making it light)- Keeping that in mind it makes Werger’s work all the more impressive.  Art Werger’s website:

John Bergmeier; Law / Gospel, Monotype - Serigraph with thread 26" x 34"

An artist that I found that was a very nice surprise was John Bergmeier.  His serigraphs are a combination of printmaking and mixed media.  I also liked his use of 1950’s children’s book illustrations, many of which he would reproduce or sew into his prints. As an artist it is evident that he is integrating his faith into his work, always a refreshing element to find in an artists work.  He has a nice website with a lot of art on it too, it’s:

The last printmaker I’ll mention here is Frederick Mershimer.  He like Art Werger has an almost manic sense of realism in rendering cityscapes.  His technical prowness alone will keep the viewer occupied.  Similar to Werger he is creating mezzotints.  The one pictured below was featured in the exhibit and used a number of plates each of a different color to come up with the final image; an impressive endeavor.  Maybe I liked it as well because I have been painting skys lately.  He shows at the Davidson gallery up in Seattle; here is a link to the work they have of his:

Fred Mershimer. Eye of the Storm, 2007. Color mezzotint, aquatint, watercolor. Edition of 100. 15 x 25 inches.

So there are some printmakers for you to investigate this Christmas season if you so desire… Blessings.

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1 Response to Three Little Printmakers

  1. Hello Tim: what a nice surprise while “googling” myself, to find this very nice write up about me and my work. Thank you! I’m curious to find out where you saw my work, etc.

    take care,

    John Bergmeier

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