I Spy With My Little Eye….

Art… lots of it here in the City of Angels and I have been aiming to see as much as possible.  Here are some of the highlights:

John Sonsini, “JOSE & ENRIQUE” (2006). Oil on canvas, 72”× 60”. Courtesy Cheim & Read.

Best use of day-laborers:  John Sonsini at ACME. A portraitist with an airy style and optimistic palette, Sonsoni hires day-laborers who hang out at Home Depot to be his models.  As the portrait he had of two men at the gallery was going for $30,000- he is apparently doing well.  You can check out more of his work here:  http://www.acmelosangeles.com/artists/john-sonsini/?view=images

A piece of Alexander Gorlizki's work- unfortunately I couldn't get any of the current images at the show.

Best art that makes your eyes hurt: Alexander Gorlizki at Daniel Weinberg Gallery. Clearly trained in middle eastern miniatures, his abstracts and symbolic work are an adventure for the eye, just make sure to bring your reading glasses.  Here is the link:  http://www.danielweinberggallery.com/exhibitions/exhibitions.html

Yellow Duck, by Cara Wood Ginder, 2009 oil on panel 8 x 10"

The exhibition most likely to make you smile:  The “Toy Show II” at Lora Schlesinger gallery. All right, I’ll admit it.  I like toys, I use them in my work (if you haven’t noticed), and this show was just a hoot.  The gallery also features artists who can actually paint, which is always refreshing indeed…  Want to see?:  http://www.loraschlesinger.com/ToyShow2.html

Kiel Johnson at work- the piece he has in the show is similar to this.

Best Use of a Pencil:  Long Beach Museum of Art’s exhibition, “Sweet Subversives: Contemporary California Drawings” A wonderful group show of individuals who know how to weild graphite.  Some talented artists that I would encorage you to investigate further that were featured are:  Steve Galloway and Kiel Johnson.  The veiw from the Museum of the Pacific is hard to beat as well:  http://www.lbma.org/exhibits.html

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2 Responses to I Spy With My Little Eye….

  1. Rick Krawczeski says:

    Hi Tim;
    It is fun following your sabbatical, kind of like Where’s Waldo with better graphics. Hope you are well and that you have a very blessed and a very Merry Christmas!
    Your friend,

  2. lomagirl says:

    Tim- I’m in the area- but only for another day or two- don’t get to see galleries- it’s Legoland for me, but the galleries sound great. Next time I’ll be sure to do that.

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