“This Little Light of Mine”

"This Little LIght of Mine" oil on wood/mosaic/assemblage, Tim Timmerman

Ah- and here is yet another one of the oil paintings on wood/mosaic/assemblage piece that has been seven years in the making!  Since I photographed this on an orange wall, and the piece is orange with a very dark frame, this does look a little “Halloween” oriented… that is unintentional.

If you look at the banner for the blog- you can see this painting on the upper left on the shelf (and another entitled “Traveler” that will be in a blog soon to come).  Both of these painting has been patiently waiting, whispering “finish me… finish me…” for years.

The intention of “This Little Light of Mine” and “Traveler” was to create whimsical figures that are in the middle of a transition. At the time as I was moving to another state, and negotiating my next step; they were very much a reflection of my current endeavors.

"This Little Light of MIne" painting detail- Tim Timmerman

Blessings to you an wherever you are on your trajectory.


"This Little Light of Mine" mosaic detail (a mouse actually ate part of the donkey's ear when the clay was drying in the ceramics studio in Arizona. I decided that the mouse was clearly wanting to contribute to the work, so kept the donkey as is after the mouse's contribution.)

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