A Completed “Whole Night Sky”

"The Whole Night Sky" Tim Timmerman, oil on wood/assemblage/mosaic 27"x34"x10'

Well- “The Whole Night Sky” has been put together at last.  Here are some completed shots of it (see December 2 and November 12th for earlier blogs about this piece).

In my home, only the studio has white walls.  The family room has some wonderful winter southern light pouring into it around noon so took down a work of art and shot some pieces on the orange walls. Kinda fun huh?

"The Whole NIght Sky" mosaic detail

"The Whole Night Sky" Tim Timmerman (side view)

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1 Response to A Completed “Whole Night Sky”

  1. breadwig says:

    This is some pretty exciting work my friend. I like it A LOT!

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