The Cedar Tree

"The Cedar Tree" Tim Timmerman, Assemblage 19"x12"x4"

I was in the Sellwood neighborhood in Portland about a month ago after dropping a friend off at the airport and decided to stop in my favorite coffee shop there, “The Ugly Mug.”  I noticed a cardboard box full of cigar boxes and inquired what they were for.

Come to find out, the shop was doing a little benefit.  They were inviting artists to take a box create a work and then donate it, to be auctioned off to raise money for an organization, “Sanctity of Hope.”  I decided to give it a go.

“The Cedar Tree” seen above is the creation I came up with.  I decided to go for a very straightforward assemblage, keeping the materials much as I found them (with the exception of doing a copper finish inside the box and its patina).  In terms of content I liked playing with a diorama format presenting a fairy-tale like story.  The carved cedar tree I got this summer in Astoria, and I began with it.  I liked the idea of an element growing out of the box- and then the lama character seemed like the natrual addition- as if the story in the box is some how contained within her.

Below is the show card for the benefit.  If you have a chance come to the opening on December 4th and bid for some art.  Bet you can get a bargain….. maybe even a Timmerman……

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1 Response to The Cedar Tree

  1. lomagirl says:

    Hi old friend. Thanks for breaking these down- it’s fun to try to find the parts. I look forward to seeing the whole piece.

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