William T. Wiley, an artist with a sly smile…


Alchemical Lyon by William T. Wiley; 2007

While I was in D.C. a month ago one of my favorite shows was at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art.  It was an exhibition of the Bay area artist William T. Wiley.  The show is still up through the end of January. It you are in D.C. area it is worth the metro ride:  http://americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/archive/2009/wiley/

I found encountering his work was like meeting up with an old goofy uncle.  I liked his creations in part because there are some affinities between his work and mine such as: multiple images from different sources in one work, a sense of humor, an interest in medieval imagery, a passion for color, draftsmanship is clearly important to him,  and he appears to delight in mixing medias.

His work also strikes me as really being an inner calling manifesting itself in tangible imagery.  He’s not pandering to contemporary art tastes so much as just enjoying making images.  I also liked that he puts a lot out there for the viewer to chew on: various passions, phrases, jokes, detritus and causes, but he leaves room for the gallery goer to decipher and find their own way.

Perhaps you’ll find his work of interest as well.


William T. Wiley, “Inside & Outside,” 2000, watercolor/ink on paper, 22 x 30”.


William T. Wiley, Goat with Attire, 2009 Pigmented acrylic print on wood panel with cardboard panel and striped string 38.5 x 28 in.

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1 Response to William T. Wiley, an artist with a sly smile…

  1. J.B. Ransom says:

    Cool stuff Tim. I love the “Alchemical Lyon” piece. I’ll definitely be checking out more of Wiley’s work. Thanks for opening my “art eyes” to him.

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