The Whole Night Sky


The painting that is a part of the work “The Whole Night Sky”, approx 16″x16″

In the summer of 2002 before I moved to Oregon I was trying my best to complete all of my current art projects.  I packed up my truck, a moving van,  my life and got on my way and was successful getting up to the Northwest, but was unsuccessful in completing three works.  Time moved on, and I began other projects.

The uncompleted works were three paintings on panels that were done, and additional mosaic elements that were built for each. All I really needed to do was to construct their assemblage frames and put these together.  Since being in this lovely state, all three paintings with their mosaics have sat patiently waiting .  Two of them are actually in the top banner of this blog.  If you look to the left you will see a painting of a little orange headed figure, and a painting beside it of a little wooden fellow with his hand on his chin.  Those are two of the paintings.

Assemblage figures

The two assemblage figures on their way to be used in “The Whole Night Sky”

The third painting is one of a young woman’s hands (thank you Kristen from the Grand Canyon days) and a starry night sky.  So in venturing to complete these works, I have launched into working with this painting first.

In evaluating the sculptural framework for the piece and what was needed, I decided that the piece required two “sentinels,” one on either side of the work, in a sense guarding the night sky- or perhaps they are a part of it.

Digging through my stock of assemblage material two figures have emerged.  I’ve been having a great time dowling the wooden elements of the figures together (drilling a hole and connecting pieces with wooden rods). Likely in less than six years or so I’ll show you what this work looks like complete when all the parts get assembled together.

Keep your eyes peeled.

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1 Response to The Whole Night Sky

  1. CW says:

    Wow, Tim, you have been blogging up a storm. I haven’t checked this in awhile, and you have some really great stuff here. I’m going to have to check this out more often!

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