Goodbye to an Assemblage Delight


"Messenger" an assemblage by Janice Lowry

I have been racking my brain for the last couple of days for the story of how I became familiar with the sculptor and collage artist Janice Lowry.  If I recall correctly I believe I met her when working for the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department right out of undergraduate.  Regardless how,  I know I came in contact with her and the delightful assemblages she creates some time ago.  They’ve  visually stuck with me for almost twenty years.  Good art indeed.

I encountered her again when picking up my recent issue of the Smithsonian Magazine, there she was a couple of pages in. I was flabbergasted and sputtered, “I know this person!.” (Not a day-to-day occurrence mind you when I pick up a magazine.)  It seems some of her wondrous collage infused sketchbooks are being featured in an exhibition, and have joined the Smithsonian’s permanent collection. (Here’s the article:

I have annually shown her work and website to students in sculpture when we create assemblages.  Inspired by the article I looked up her site to find the sad news that she passed away in September of this year.  She will be missed.  Her work has a fun quirky whimsy and optimism that I’ve always enjoyed.  We need more of that in the art world you know.

Here is a link to her site: Take some time to explore. There is much to see.

Thanks for all the art Janice!  Blessings on your travels to the next place, hope you journeyed safe with the kind cowboy.



A sketchbook page of Janice Lowry's

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1 Response to Goodbye to an Assemblage Delight

  1. wwkd says:

    I just discovered Janice Lowry yesterday.

    Wrote a bit on my blog that I am putting new energy into as time allows.

    After I posted I was checking my taglines and I found your post.

    Lucky you to have had the acquaintance. Thanks for you post.

    Stay inspired!


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