Ringtones as Art

1253933419_protestBAND1_170On last Friday night participating in what Pittsburgh calls their “Gallery Crawl,” I met a delightful woman by the name of T. Foley who decided to endeavor creating ring tones from the sounds she found around Pittsburgh.  For free you can download a tone of a child laughing, a bicycle bell ringing, individuals telling or singing to you that you should answer the phone, the sound of a local carousel or the music from Mister Rogers Neighborhood.  She actually has over a hundred tones, so those are just a sample of what you can find- and she even has some from the G-20 summit!

1247138791_cuHANDbell_170Thinking about the Contemporary Art Forms class that I teach at George Fox every other fall I thought T. Foley did a wonderful job creating a work of art that engages with the local community.  In the process she creates something that is playful and “rings” with the authenticity of the individual rather than the current ring tones I find available on my Verizon phone that seem to be largely created for High School students, and come with the thump-thump of being for the most part, downright annoying.

You can listen to an interview with her from a local NPR station at:

And read an article in their paper as well at:


Check out her site and get a tone at:   http://www.locallytoned.org/

1247826026_daniel-s-tiger_170I’ll admit that I have attempted to get several of her tones on my phone but no luck as of yet.  I’m not sure my phone can take an MP3.  Those of you with I-Phones out there I don’t think will have any problems.

She mentioned to me that she’s trying to figure out what next city to tackle.  I told her Portland Oregon is a pretty special place…. we’ll see if we can get some of our own rings over here!

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