Greetings from Pittsbugh after the G-20


Off of Penn Avenue Shepard Fairey (of Obama "Hope" poster fame) has a poster up, as he does in all the "arts leaning" districts in Pittsburgh right now- seems he has a little show at the Warhol. When does "outsider art" become "insider art?" I think a show at the Warhol should about do it...

I have found myself in Pittsburgh after the majority of of the boarded up windows and hay bails have come down from the G-20 summit, although some of the hay bails were still around the parking meters by the Phipps Conservatory looking like an art installation or prep work for a rodeo.  Thought I’d check in with you as to what is going on the arts over here in this fair city.

Of all I’ve seen it was not the Carnegie, Mattress Factory, or Warhol Museum that caught my attention this time (although do check those out if you are here), but two artists currently featured at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts: Tim Kaulen, and Dylan Vitone.


A Tim Kaulen Rooster at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Tim Kaulen creates gurilla art, chickens, bulls,  animals and human forms from discarded bilboards and metal. The work is playful, smart and has a sense of humor.  Check out his website: There seems to be a subversive critique of advertising and consumer culture in his art as well which I find refreshing.

Dylan Vitone creates photos that are almost 360 degree views of an event or place.  Seeing some of his work in the Carnegie I noted that his images there were of the gentler side of Pittsburgh, such as a street party or a girls cotillion.

At the Pittsburgh Center of the Arts his lens focused upon Miami’s “emphasis on the exterior” culture.  There he took aim at advertising photo shoots, gang busts, Art Basel, and a porn convention.  I found the work harrowing.  In the images it becomes clear that the “observers” in the photos are instrumental to the equation: Ad+Consumer=$. All the players, be it the skinny models barely dressed or the men gawking at them came across of pawns in some sort of mean spirited game.  You can see his work on his site: Unfortunately when posting this his Miami images are not up yet.

An image from Dylan Vitone's series of photos taken in Miami

An image from Dylan Vitone's series of photos taken in Miami

So art does happen in Pittsburgh and there is some good stuff here….

Now go make something yourself.

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  1. Rick says:

    Nice to get an update from the road. I’ll miss you at lunch today. Maybe I’ll just go to your house and eat lunch with Bonnie.

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