Fun with reclaimed lumber

So working on the frames for all these monoprints and mixed media pieces and I decided to endeavor to get wood that has already has had a life as something else.  I will admit I wandered the isles of Home Depot and Lowes first, finally coming to the conclusion, “What I am doing?  I’m an assemblage artist!?”

Ah wood is our friend, kinda...

Ah wood is our friend, kinda...

In Portland we have a very wonderful place called the ReBuilding Center that is full of all kinds of parts of homes that have been disassembled (  I had an adventure digging through their trim and filled my Scion (the little toaster that could) full of wood. Since then, I have spent the last couple of days cutting up that wood into workable pieces for eleven frames.

Now, one important lesson I learned: Do not have a 9-foot piece of wood rest against your front window….  I got home, and happily moved the wood out of the vehicle.  Later when getting back into the car, I remarked, “Well, lookie there my window is broken…” You would think by this age I would have figured the dynamics of spatial relationships but I guess I still had this lesson to learn.  So my advice to you:  Don’t rest long things against your front window.  It’s dumb.

Many thanks to my insurance company and Dean in his mobile vehicle who replaced my window this afternoon.

Frames in process (yea, you wanted a photo of a broken window, I know...)

Frames in process (yea, you wanted a photo of a broken window, I know...)

I was delighted at how much money I saved buying recycled lumber at the ReBuild it center, but this kind of took the wind out of my sails a bit.

Ah – the price of creating art….

All right, nothing more to see here… go make something.

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2 Responses to Fun with reclaimed lumber

  1. jennifer joy says:

    Tim, I’d still like to learn how to make those frames we did for the mixed media pieces… and I DID want a photo of your broken window!
    jennifer joy

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