Passing the Orange

I have been for the past 12 years involved in, and am a leader within  a variety of groups that do “men’s work;” experiential weekends, groups, and the like.  It has been life changing.  As a part of this blog, occasionally I would like to reflect on some of this labor of love; insights I’m finding along the way as to what it is to be a man in the 21st century.

Along these lines, I read a poem last night by Leo Dangel that made me smile that I want to share with you.

Passing the Orange

by Leo Dangel

On Halloween night
the new teacher gave a party
for the parents.
She lined up the women
on one side of the schoolroom,
the men on the other,
and they had a race,
passing an orange
under their chins along each line.
The women giggled like girls
and dropped their orange
before it got halfway,
but it was the men’s line
that we watched.
Who would have thought
that anyone could get them
to do such a thing?
Farmers in flannel shirts,
in blue overalls and striped overalls.
Stout men embracing one another.
Our fathers passing the orange,
passing the embrace – the kiss
of peace – complaining
about each other’s whiskers,
becoming a team, winning the race.

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  1. abiggerworldyet says:

    It has been removed. Keep in mind you will get more traffic to your work if you let others use it and give you credit as I did.

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