I want to be like FDR

FDR and Fala

FDR and Fala

In sixth grade I did a report on FDR.  I honestly can’t remember much about all his years in office, but what I do recall is that FDR had a Scotty dog named Fala.  I thought that was really cool.  The little dog was so prominent in the life of FDR that it apparently traveled with him everywhere.  Fala’s even immortalized in the FDR memorial (apparently the little dog’s nose is shiny in the sculpture because everyone pets it).

Well, I recently dove into dog ownership and got Scotty myself.  Dan Callis has had one for years so I quizzed him  while he was here and that pushed me over the top.  I’ve been trying to keep it on the down-low, but let’s just say when you get a puppy word travels fast.  My housemates (two awesome grad students I couldn’t do this without) and I named her “Bonny,” Scottish for “lovely, or beautiful.” She’s fallen asleep twice in the workshop with me (which I could get use to), and has peed twice in the studio (we’re working on that).

What would a studio be without a dog in it?

Me and Bonny

Me and Bonny

She enjoyes grabbing a small fox toy she has by the throat and thrashing it about, and sleeping under the hydranga or next to St. Francis in the back yard.  She’s also quite humorous skidding across wood floors or marmolium.

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1 Response to I want to be like FDR

  1. Rick says:

    WOW!! Big decision! I look forward to meeting Bonny soon.

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