Pate de Verre

Here is a glass pate de verre boat I'm working on constructing at the workshop I'm taking with Deborah Horrell

Here is a glass pate de verre boat I'm working on constructing at the workshop I'm taking with Deborah Horrell

This week I’m privileged to take a glass workshop with one of the top glass artists in Portland, Deborah Horrell.  Deborah is an expert in a traditional method of glass called pate de verre (or “paste of glass”).  Developed by the French in the late 19th century it is a method where you apply ground up glass or “frit” by carefully packing it as a layer to the sides of a mold you have created from a positive.  The glass is then fired in a kiln to a point where the glass adheres together, after that point the glass is carefully removed from the mold, cleaned up and you have your finished work; a unique one of kind hollow sculpture.

I have worked in a number of glass techniques, but I’m very excited about learning this method and applying it to the sculptural aspects of many of the pieces I have in the works for this sabbatical year.  With it I can create a number of the sculptural forms, figures, and animals I wanted to be a part of some of the painting/sculptural pieces I am developing.  An advantage of this technique the work will be considerably lighter than an object that is solid cast and the pate de verre technique has a very distinct light, and if need be, lacey quality that is quite unique an beautiful.

Keep your eyes peeled for work I will be integrating pate de verre work in!

Explore more of Deborah’s wonderful work, and you’ll get the idea.  Her work is beautiful and she’s a delightful person to boot!:

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Hello Tim!
    I saw Deborah’s OPB video on her work. Looks like you will be having a great time with pate de verre!
    Love this website….wonderful to catch up!

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