The Extraordinary Ordinary

I often tell my students that if you use anything creatively in mass or with extreme repetition it can help create an intriguing work of art:
•    One toothbrush not so interesting, two thousand, pretty curious.
•    One safety pin: ordinary; a jacket made entirely of them: extraordinary.

Visiting Astoria Oregon this past Friday, the “Astoria Coffee Company” was a splendid place to hang out and sketch, have a good conversation or to have a pastry  (  Not only did they serve Stumptown Coffee (what many would argue is the best coffee in Oregon), they also had some fun quirky decor including a wide range of globes, and walls two shades of green that my friend Lisa remarked “…would never be seen together.”

What I enjoyed was that the Astoria Coffee Company had two works of an artist who had taken the “bubble” elements of levels and created some very fun sculptural works for the walls (Dear artist I’m sorry I don’t know your name, the work was not labeled! Tell me it and I’d be happy to credit you!).

The work to me was a testimony that once again, anything in volume in the hands of someone with some technical know-how and a good eye for composition, can create a nice work of art.  Granted for many of my students where the, “technical know-how” and the “composition skills” come in is all the work indeed….

Level 2level 1

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