The Shop

What was a garage... is now a shop....

What was a garage... is now a shop....

It’s taken about a month, but I’ve finally got my garage up to par to be a working space to build the assemblage end of my work, make molds, and create sculptures that would be too messy to work on in the studio (there has been a plaster figure for a piece that has been waiting about a year to be worked on).  Setting up the garage as a shop has been one of those projects that I have been “meaning” to do for now three years.

After gutting the garage and putting absolutely everything that was in it in the backyard;  the work began sorting, throwing things out, recycling, and cleaning up.  The garage was then fixed up a bit and a large rack built for storage of items and art.  From there tables were built, bins for wood, and the like.  All this wasn’t the easiest to do in July as the Portland area was receiving record heat.  Let’s just say for a while there I was only working mornings, and hiding in my basement in the afternoons and evenings.

It hasn’t been really since I worked at Grand Canyon Univeristy in Phoenix that I had a working shop to use.  It’s nice to now have it now in my backyard!  Keep your eyes peeled for what wonders are going to be assembled or created there…. Hmmmm….

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  1. Carissa Bakker says:

    Hi Tim, I just found your blog! It’s good to see what you’ve been up to as I heard you were going on sabbatical. Congratulations on the shop- it looks great and I’m sure many great things will come out of it.

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