Plein Air painting in Klamath Falls

Doing a little watercolor out in the open.

Doing a little watercolor out in the open.

Can’t say I do a lot of plein air painting, but when the opportunity arises I like working when I can in the great outdoors.

I have a set of eight ink/watercolor/gouache paintings that were actually begun four summers ago that I’m working to finish up by the end of summer here.  Several weeks back I found myself traveling with my friends Corey and Jill and their two boys to the Redwoods in California and then to Running Y Golf Resort near Kalamath Falls in Oregon. I had a great time for a couple of days working out on a deck for hours on end working on some of the pieces.

Initially I wasn’t going to render the landscape just sit in it and enjoy, but I found it so engaging it demanded to be a part of a piece.  One of the eight pieces I am working on had a dog drawn on it in ink from a Rococo painting by Chardin I had worked from in the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena California.  It seemed like it was a good fit.  I’m still working on what else the piece is going to need, but it’s close to done.

Another note,  is that for such a fancy resort the art on their walls were largely “prints” (not REAL artists prints mind you like lithographs or etchings, just the cheap four color copy like a magazine).  For such an establishment that clearly had money, you’d think they would spent some cash on getting real, intriguing, or attractive art.

Well, the site was clearly about golf, and it seemed they kept the grass and greenery nice; which I did appreciate.

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2 Responses to Plein Air painting in Klamath Falls

  1. Bryan B. says:

    I’ve had a hankering for painting outdoors myself recently. I haven’t since I was in college really. So it’s only been 20 years or so.

  2. abiggerworldyet says:

    Well, it’s time to get to work Bryan – maybe if we can get you out here some time we’ll do a little sketching outdoors as a group activity!

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